Operative since 2005 in the industrial automation, PROGEA 4 srl was created by a twenty-year experience of its members, with the aim of offering a valid support for the research and development of new technologies, by providing systems and advanced equipment.

Our business is conducted primarily in the systems and techniques of transport, material handling, welding transfers, management of production processes, distributed and centralized diagnostics, quality control at various stages of the production process, supervision in all phases of the process to the storage system. In the last year we're expanding on the implementation of safety and management of road and railway tunnels and also on photovoltaic systems. So we want to show our skills: high quality planning and technology in mechanical, fluid, electrical and electronics systems and in the management and supervision software.

With the experience gained by our technicians from qualified companies in the industrial automation, we are able to offer efficient consultation to solve mechanical, electrical, electronic and management problems for already installed systems, improving efficiency, quality, reliability and security, which has become a key factor in the plant design with the new European regulations. 

Becoming part of a group of specialized companies we are able to supply plants, starting from the feasibility study, guaranteeing the quality and operativity even after installation; helping customers with a quick and constant technical support and, where necessary, with training courses for the operations and maintenance of equipment and devices installed in it.